Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Phones for Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile is about to receive 2 new cellular phones that are going to be a great addition to their line up. So what's so great about these new phones? They have bluetooth, cameras, GPS, and one is a motorolla... but that's not it. They are good quality phones that you would find in a contract based cellular companys line up. These aren't the phones your used to from Virgin Mobile, and with any hope VM's whole line up is going to be re-vamped to include mostly high quality phones and not the cheap throw aways they currently offer.

Virgin Mobile Switch_Back 2 - The Wild Card
The Wild Card, or the Switch_Back 2, is the new and improved Switch Back. The new Wild Card has bluetooth, a 1.3 megapixel camera and video recorder, Media Player, GPS Locator (the gps function is doubtfully going to be utilized by VM), Full QWERTY keyboard that is easier to use than the previous, and many new styling improvements. The Wild Card is available NOW for $99 from wal-mart, and should be available on VM's site within a week or so...

Virgin Mobile W385 Saber_Tooth
The Motorolla W385 has been confirmed as a future Virgin Mobile phone. The W385 is a thin and light candy bar design. The W385 also has an onboard camera with 4x digital zoom, GPS functions, wireless web browsing, media messaging, and bluetooth. The W385 will be available within 3-6 weeks and is going to be a great phone, and mark the first time ever that Virgin Mobile USA has offered a Motorolla.

Don't be surprised if you start seeing phones like the Motorolla Razr or the MotoRizr in the Virgin Mobile line up in the near future!

Oh, and Virgin Mobile Canada is not left out. VM Canada will also be getting 2 new phones, the Samsung 510 and m300. The Samsung 510 will also have bluetooth, an MP3 player, 1.3 megapixel camera and video recorder, and an includer 64 mb SD card which can be expanded to up to a 2 gig SD card. The m300 is an a640 replacement and now includes bluetooth and a camera.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Free Virgin Mobile Minutes

Getting free Virgin Mobile minutes is easy. We frequently post virgin mobile promo codes, and you can easily search the site and find a promotion code that works for you.

This month you can use the promotion code 072007 for an additional $10 when you top up with $20. Sometimes the customer service rep will not add the promotional code for the free minutes to you account, so you may need to call back until a rep will give you the free minutes. If you can not get the customer service rep to add the minutes, you may need to talk to a supervisor as sometimes the reps are not up to date on the lattest promotions going on.

Virgin mobile releases these codes in order to encourage customers to top up more frequently, and to reclaim old customers who have not topped up in a while. By offering promo codes for free minutes, Virgin Mobile gets their customers to top up more often, or twice in one month. This is a win win situation for the customer and Virgin Mobile. And the emo kids love these codes too!

For more codes, check the previous postings on the left.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sugarmama - Virgin Mobile USA

Ah... Sugarmama. Sugarmama is about 3 months old now, and it's time to take a look back.

Sugaramama allows Virgin Mobile USA customers to earn free airtime by participation in online advertisements and media. For example, you could watch a short commercial and earn a minute of airtime.

When I worked at VM, I would see people with 60 minutes or so that they earned on Sugarmamma (this was when it first launched). They would spend hours earning 60 minutes of airtime, and it seemed that to earn 60 minutes of air time, they had to blow at least a total of 4 hours. That's if you've got some skills. So, for 5 hours of work, you get 60 minutes on your phone? Earn minute costs at most 18 cents. That's $10.80 for 4 hours of work, or $2.90 an hour. That's below minimum wage.

Maybe there's a better way to get free minutes for your phone?

Virgin Mobile Insiders

The Virgin Mobile Insiders program is still going on for those of you who thought it was a thing of the past. You can still sign up on the virgin mobile insiders websites ( The site's not getting a lot of submissions anymore, so now is a good time to try and join before they promote it more.

What is a virgin mobile insider? Virgin Mobile Insiders are young americans who opt in to be used for research and developement of new products. Virgin Mobile Insiders may be asked to evaluate and provide feedback on a new promotion or phone before it is released to the public. Occasionally insiders are sent free phones and other swag.

It's a great way to get free stuff from virgin mobile, and help make your service better!

New Phone: Virgin Mobile Aloha

My friend from Virgin Mobile just called and said that he saw some information on a new phone virgin mobile is planning to release.

The LG "Aloha" is a cheaper priced phone (Think Oystr or Marbl). It will mark the first LG phone offered by virgin mobile.

The phone features an internal antenna, access to Virgin XL/Extras, speakerphone, and polyphonic ringtones.

The phone is a simple clamshell design with no external screen. The design is anything but sleek, and it wont win any design awards, especially with the awkwardly plain face. LG's are good phones though, and are miles ahead of Kyocera's cheap phones, so hopefully this cheaper priced phone will not be plagued by the same issues that the Oystr and Marbl have.

Virgin Festival 2007: Book The Band

Ever go to a concert, and think that another band should have opened? Virgin Mobile is allowing customers to "Book The Band" by voting for who they want to see open the show. You can vote now at

Oh, and please vote for say anything :-P

There's still time to get free airtime bundles!

Virgin Mobile has extended their airtime bundles on the Kyocera Slider Sonic, Kyocera Oystr, and Nokia Shorty up until 07/17/07. At which time, the bundles will be adjusted and maybe some better phones offered. The "K10 Royal" is now offered at $10, with a $10 top up bonus included, making the phone free. The $10 price reduction is because the K10 Royal is now a refurbished phone, though refurbished phones are often as good as a new phone.

VM Stuff

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